A Guide to Picking Your Wedding Dress

For any bride-to-be the dress is the most important feature, needing it to be just perfect for the most prolific day of your life. Feeling a huge pressure to find �the one� many brides can get awfully stressed when shopping, with so many shapes, sizes and styles available.

This is why we at Weddincarhire.com thought we would give our customers a hand, creating a guide that will assist them through the shopping process.


The theme of your wedding must be relayed through your dress, with everything inside the wedding venue singing off of the same hymn sheet. For instance, if you are planning a throwback wedding then guests will expect to see a stunning, vintage dress, really taking the theme of your wedding to its limits.


The colour of your dress is worth thinking carefully about, especially if it is not your first marriage. With many feeling that white dresses should be preserved for the more innocent of women it is completely up to you what type of dress you select. Of late we are seeing more and more brides get creative with colour, with a patterned dress now a hugely considered option.


The cut and shape of a dress needs to be right, with many shapes working a lot well in certain dress cuts that others. For instance, if you are pear-shaped then a loose dress may not be the most flattering option, however, a fishtail shape will accentuate such a shape beautifully.


Just like everything else in the wedding planning process wedding dresses cost money, with budget always having its say in what you can and cannot purchase. What you do not want to do is set your sights on a dress that is way out of budget, therefore, only shop in the places that will best accommodate your budget.

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