Choosing the Right Wedding Car

At we are the proud owners of an array of wedding vehicles. From classic and vintage Rolls Royce�s to fleets of super cars and wedding coaches, we ensure that we can provide the perfect transport to fit every wedding in the UK.

With such a huge encyclopaedia of cars it is hard to pick our favourites, admiring each and every vehicle in our range for different reasons.

Although difficult to pinpoint our preferred vehicle we can still make suggestions on the types of cars that that we feel best suit themed weddings.

When planning for a wedding you always have to keep in mind a theme or particular feel that you want to portray, allowing all purchases to compliment the overall event.

Traditional Weddings

If you are planning a traditional and classical wedding then you will want your wedding vehicles to reflect this also, hiring cars that flatter the efforts you have put in.

A Rolls Royce Phantom would be our first suggestion, a modern car with a timeless sense of luxury. Oozing with elegance you will be hard pushed to find a modern car that will grab more attention than a white Rolls Royce Phantom.

Not only are they attractive to look at but they are reliable also, ensuring no hiccups on that all-important day.

Festival Weddings

With festival weddings becoming more and more popular each year Brides and Grooms are becoming more innovative with their plans for their big day, especially with their wedding transport.

If you want to look the part on your wedding day then why not hire a vintage Volkswagen Campervan? This will add that finishing touch to your glorious day.

Modern Weddings

If you regard yourself and your partner asa modern couple then why not impress your guests by arriving at the venue in a super car? We have access to the most stunning Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bugattis in the country, all available for self-drive purposes.

Arriving in a self-drive wedding car will be sure to give your wedding that they modern edge!

Vintage Weddings

Vintage weddings are very fashionable at present with happy couples obsessed with all things retro.

Luckily for them Wedding Car Hire are theUK�s largest vintage wedding car providers, renowned for bringing weddings to life through innovative transport.

The Rolls Royce Silver Dawn and the Bramwith are two vintage favourites here in the UK with Brides in particular, loving the luxurious interior and spaciousness they have to offer.

Novelty Weddings

With couples wanting to reflect their individuality in their wedding day your wedding car choice is pretty important. At Wedding Car Hire our fleet possesses a lot of character with many vehicles that will be sure to make you stand out on the road.

Whether you fancy arriving in a party bus or an Indian Rickshaw we can make this happen.

If you are still unsure of what type of wedding transportation you wish to hire for your big day then contact a member of the team today and allow them to discuss the many options with you.

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