How to Plan a Fairytale Wedding

Have you always dreamed of tying the knot in a full-on fairytale wedding? While the trend these days tends towards more minimalist celebrations, there are always some who want to get married with the full works. So how can you enjoy a fairytale wedding without collapsing under too much stress and an astronomical budget?

First, work out which elements of your wedding are the most important to you. Do you have your heart set on making a grand entrance like the stars of your own Hollywood movie? Getting the right outfits is key to leaving a lasting impression, so why not visit your local dressmakers with some photos of your inspirations and see what they can do for you? Once you've got the outfits down, let find the perfect wedding car to complement your big entrance. Whether you want a beautiful and glamorous classic Rolls Royce or a sleek Ferrari limousine there's something to suit every budget and taste.

Or perhaps your dream wedding is all about the venue? While it's possible to hire a real castle for a proper fairytale wedding in the UK, these venues tend to be very exclusive and at the higher end of the price range. For those on a smaller budget, why not choose a more modest venue close to a castle or romantic ruin that you can use as a backdrop for your wedding photos? You'll still get to enjoy feeling like a king and queen on your wedding day, and with all the money you save you'll be able to put on a banquet and entertainment fit for royalty!

Finally, there are plenty of simple finishing touches you can add to put a bit of magic into your wedding day. A 'star cloth' for the venue's ceiling can recreate a romantic starry night, while flower arrangements with heady aromas such as rose and lavender can all help to create an intimate, theatrical atmosphere.

However you decide to celebrate your big day, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a fairytale wedding without breaking the bank.

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