Hire a Mercedes 600 Grosser Pullman

Looking for a wedding car but unsure of your options? Luckily for you we at Weddingcarhire.com are always making additions to our already admirable fleet, showcasing the worlds most spectacular vehicles.

The theme of celebration is so important when planning your wedding, securing the thought that your special day is both fun and unique yet traditional.
If you want this amalgamation of qualities to be present with your wedding transport then why not hire one of our MercedesGrosser Pullmans?

The car is both grandeur and sophisticated, adding a touch of lavishness to your wedding celebrations. With interior fit for a King this car is sure to fulfil all our your transport needs and wishes.

Many of our vehicles from this collection have been hired out for films, premieres, launches and many other events. Although attracting a number of different industries for an array of reasons it is mostly in demand by Brides and Grooms, craving its aesthetically mesmerising qualities.

The slick bodywork is like no other car,showcasing a luxuriousness that carmakers have tried to duplicate yet been unsuccessful.
The car is a true antique that will definitely capturing the attention of your wedding guests.

The Pullman was introduced to our roads in the 1960�s and has since then demanded our attention. It was very advanced for its day and now 60 years on the Mercedes is still capturing the excitement of the Brides and Grooms of the UK.

The long vehicle is perfect for travelling to wedding venues, encapsulating that element of importance that the Bride so rightly deserves.

Its spacious quality allows for more than two passengers, seeing Brides accompanied by their loved ones during one of the most memorable journeys of their life.

With many Brides now opting to arrive at the church with their Bridesmaids the Mercedes proves to be the greatest wedding car option of all.

If you fancy absolute luxury then allow one of our professional chauffeur drivers to make you wedding day simply amazing.

Contact us today and receive a free quote to hire the prestigious Mercedes 600 Grosser Pullman.

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