Top reasons you should hire a bus for your wedding day

Hiring a bus that brings your wedding guests to the ceremony and take them home afterwards is always a good choice for couples. There’s so many decisions to make whilst arranging the perfect wedding including, finding a wedding dress, the venue, deciding what you want on the menu and who to travel with. Your wedding is the one day that will bring people together from all parts of your life, and so each decision should be made slowly and carefully. Your wedding guests are sure to have the time of their lives whatever you decide, but travel is always one of the factors that friends and family always query about. This is why we at Wedding Car Hire have put together the top reasons why you should consider hiring a bus for your wedding day.

Ease of mind

Your guests are sure to feel relieved when they find out that they don’t have to organise ways to get to the venue themselves. All they have to do is hop on the bus that you have arranged and arrive in time. Guests will also appreciate having a bus as they won’t have to worry about getting lost or having to pay for parking. By having every guest arrive in time, you are guaranteed that your wedding will start in time.

Save your guests money

As mentioned above, if your guests don’t have to drive to your wedding they are going to save a lot of money (which everyone loves). They won’t have to spend a penny on petrol or parking.


Whether you have a free bar or not, your guests will be able to let loose and celebrate without worrying about how to travel home at the end of the night. By this I mean alcohol. At weddings there are speeches which require many toasts. Toasts certainly require some bubbly.


By bundling your wedding guests into one large bus, you can set them up for entertainment and conversation for the journey. By the time they arrive at your wedding, your guests would have met new people and your party will be way more fun. Get in contact with us today to hire a wedding bus for your special day. Additionally, have a look at our other wedding news and top tips.

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