Top things to remember whilst designing a perfect wedding

A wedding is one of the most special and beautiful events in someone’s life, with many wanting to celebrate it in a grand way. While some will concentrate on having a lavish and stunning wedding venue, others may want to hire a luxurious wedding car to travel them to and from venues. Whilst a wedding’s design depends on that particular couple, we at Wedding Car hire have put together a few key management tips that will prevent you from making costly design mistakes:

Surprises aren’t always good

You may be a groom that wants to treat his bride by hiring a luxurious wedding car that she isn’t expecting. However, we at Wedding Car Hire suggest you don’t opt for something completely opposite to what she might be expecting. We guarantee that you won’t want to start your wedding journey/travel with your bride in an unimpressed mood.

Budget is key

You should plan your budget in great detail while planning your wedding. We suggest that you devote a few days to shaping your wedding in order to suit your budget. This could include a list of different wedding expenses, from the venue to the wedding transport. Plus, remember that you can almost always negotiate a price with numerous companies, but be sure to also take into account current offers that they have for customers.

Choose the right wedding theme

There are numerous wedding themes to choose from, though you need to ensure that you choose the right one for you. Many couples don’t take into account parents or siblings’ aspirations when it comes to the theme, which can sometimes be the barer of quite a few problems. For example, if you choose an ultra modern theme, but your grandmother is a Christian, then she may not be fully engaged with wedding celebrations. So, perhaps get your family involved in discussions with regards to the theme, so that they too can enjoy your wedding.

Plus, always consider which car you are planning on hiring so that it coincides with your wedding theme. Your photographs may look a little odd if both bride and groom are dressed in 1950’s attire are arriving in a modern/top of the range Ferrari F355.

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