Top ways to include a horse drawn carriage in your wedding

There is certainly something magical about including a horse drawn carriage into your wedding. It may of course be because you don’t see this everyday, or it may be the way your relatives got married and you wish to carry on this truly beautiful tradition. Or, you may just love horses and animals.

Your wedding should be a celebration, so why not let your imagination take flight? If you want to feel like royalty for the day, then that is certainly what a horse drawn carriage could do. So, if you are thinking of adding a rented horse drawn carriage to your wedding day, here are a few reasons which could sway you to making that important decision.

You could have the bride ride to the wedding ceremony with whoever is giving her away. Then, after the ceremony the bride and groom could ride away together. Stop along both routes for some special moments together and numerous location photographs.

You could make the most of your money and allow your guests to experience this as well. Offer a ride to the reception, which is a great way to add some additional fun and enjoyment to the day.

A horse drawn carriage is a big attention grabber. Couples that tend to travel in a horse drawn carriage on their wedding day get tons of well-wishes, waves and smiles from people that they pass by. Seeing newly-weds in a carriage automatically puts smiles on peoples faces.

If you do opt for a carriage to be included in your wedding day, why not celebrate with one on your anniversary? Make it a tradition to celebrate and recreate a little enjoyment from your special day.

Regardless of what people think, a wedding carriage could fit into any wedding theme. Some simple decoration could definitely transform the carriage into anything you want it to be. This can definitely be done on a budget as well.

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