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Whether you are in the first stages of planning your wedding transport, or you feel like you have it all sorted, there may be more to think about than you’ve considered. There are a few key transport mistakes to definitely avoid in order to make your wedding day flow a little easier. So, we at Wedding Car Hire have put together a few top tips on how to handle your wedding transport preparation, and which elements you should certainly avoid.

Not hiring a professional

The best hassle-free move you can make whilst organising your wedding transport is to hire professionals. Not only will you get the best advice from people who deal with the industry every single day, you are sure to take a load off your shoulders.

Just considering the standard limo

Your transport should definitely coincide with your wedding theme and style. There are countless motors to consider, including decked out buses to a bicycle for two. Additionally, you should think of a car that would look fabulous in the wedding photos. For a rustic wedding we suggest a vintage convertible, or why not keep it classic and opt for a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. Even though you are mot required to sort transport for guests, if you do have room in your budget it is something to consider. If you can’t help out in this way make sure you give clear directions, finding a venue that will hold that many cars in their car park, or let your friends and family know of local taxi firms.

Not knowing who owns the car

It’s a good idea to know and acknowledge who actually owns the car you have decided to hire. It’s possible that if the company you are dealing with doesn’t have the car you are thinking of they will hire it from someone else. This is where things get confusing, by adding more men into the transport mix it will be a bigger risk when it comes to formalities like punctuality etc.

Just thinking about the wedding day

There will be many celebrations around the wedding day you may need to consider a hire car. These would include an engagement party, hen party/stag party, rehearsal dinner, etc. It is helpful if you have a transport plan ahead of these events, especially if you are planning on having your favourite tipple to mark the occasion.

Not having enough room for your gifts

Many guests will ship gifts directly to your home address, although it is a good idea to have a designated car for gifts if some do bring them to your wedding. This is also good for any left over flowers or keepsakes at the end of the night.
We are Wedding Car Hire cater for all different themed weddings. By contacting us today we will sure help you with all of your queries. We promise to make your wedding transport a stylish and memorable experience, avoiding all stress and hassle.

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