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Unusual Wedding Locations

If you have ever seen the programme ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ then you will be well aware of the wacky wedding venues now available here in the UK, with brides and grooms having a lot more choice than ever before. With the traditional wedding now becoming a thing of the past couples are really pushing the boundaries of wedding venue convention, looking to shock and surprise with their choice of destination.

At a racecourse

From Doncaster and Chester to Newcastle and Wolverhampton, many of the UK’s racecourses now offer wedding party packages. Great for both horse racing lovers and those that enjoy lovely views a racecourse wedding surprisingly ticks all of the boxes.

In a field

If you can get someone to marry you then you can pretty much hold your wedding ceremony anywhere you wish, with the countryside providing to be a very popular wedding day backdrop. This is why many brides and grooms-to-be are opting to create their own venue on a field, building marquees and tents and really running with the home-grown theme.

At home

As the saying goes ‘the home is where the heart is’; a saying that rings true when it comes to romance. Due to this many happy couples want to get married at their home, enjoying the surroundings in which they have made the majority of their memories together.

At a racetrack

For many sporting fans the theme of sport needs to be central at their wedding day, incorporated into the nuptials in some way shape or form. If you are a racing fan then there are many venues that can further celebrate this pastime, with locations such as Goodwood, Llandow and Silverstone renowned for their incredibly-priced wedding packages.