How to Create a Wedding Guest List

Wedding planning is although rewarding very ruthless, forcing brides and grooms to make irreversible and brutal decisions to ensure wedding perfection.

One of the hardest parts of planning the big day is compiling the names for the guest list, with happy couples being forced to make harsh choices, deciding who is and is not worthy to witness the vows.

Although couples do not want to offend friends or family members by not sending an invite they must keep in mind that every guest will come with a cost.

With caterers charging per head and drinks sinking a large proportion of the budget the guest list must reflect whom the couple need to be present when they tie the not.

Where traditionally the bride and groom both had equal power in deciding the list we wonder if tradition still applies.

Conventionally, the couple would have half the guest list and each set of parents would have a quarter of that guest list also.

In 2014 I do not think we will find many couples that are willing to share their wedding planning power with their parents, do you?

Here are a few tips that we have found work well it getting the numbers down:
  • Make a list of everyone you would both like to invite.
  • Now put a guest limit in place.
  • Mark each person that must be present at the wedding, for example bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Now, make and agree on cutting rules. Here are a few suggestions:
Rule 1 - If neither of you have met, spoken to or care if they are there, cross them off.
Rule 2- If neither of you have spoken to them in three years and they are not a relative, they can go!
Rule 3 � If you do not think they will appreciate an invite their offer can be revised.
Rule 4 � If you do not think that they would invite you to their wedding their name can go.
Rule 5 � If you are only inviting them through guilt because somebody else wants them there, they do not really need the space.

Once you have applied these rules to your ever-growing list of names you will soon see that large number decrease, leaving you with the perfect guest list of loved ones.

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