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Wedding Insurance

If you are planning a wedding then we understand how stressful things can get, constantly liaising with wedding suppliers to ensure that everything is in order. With an obsession for things to run like clockwork brides are willing to spend over the odds to secure their dream day, making unnecessary transactions across the board.

With so much time, money and effort going in to your big day the slightest hitch can be detrimental to both spirits and budget, seeing you disappointed and feeling let down. For this reason we at Wedding Car Hire highly recommend you get wedding insurance, having a policy in place that supports you in the case of an emergency.

Although you can rely on Wedding Car Hire to offer the ultimate transport service many other suppliers are not as passionate as you are about your wedding. By having effective wedding insurance in place you can employ the peace of mind that if there are any unexpected changes along the way you are fully covered by your policy.

With purchases such as honeymoons, wedding venues and catering services taking up a huge amount of the wedding budget you must make sure you have make a financial investment, not a mistake.

Happy couples rarely consider what would happen if the wedding rings went missing of the wedding cake turns up looking like an omelette! However, with so much hope and aspirations fro that one day you must think about the risks.

Wedding insurance covers you financially if something ruins your big day or if suppliers have to be cancelled or postponed. If you have paid a lot for your wedding band and they are stuck in traffic, missing your wedding you can ask to have such eventualities written into your policy, creating a bespoke agreement that best suits your celebration.