What to do with your wedding dress following the day

Many brides to be place massive focus on their wedding dress when planning their big day, having dreamt about the colour, style and material since being a little girl. With the bride’s entrance counted as one of the focal points to any wedding day, absolutely every one of them are sure to want to arrive in the best car wearing the very best of gowns.

With brides spending a huge amount of the budget on the dress, it can be a worrying prospect due to it only set for being worn once. Where men can rewear suit pieces, a big white wedding dress probably isn’t something you should re-wear to the office.

At wedding car hire, we have put together a few suggestions of what brides can do with their dress after their special day.

Keep it

Some brides grow an emotional attachment to their wedding dress, seeing as it is such a symbolic item to a moment in their life. Wedding dresses are usually quite heavy and large, so therefore take up quite a bit of room in the wardrobe. It is for this reason that brides usually opt to put it in storage, paying a small cost each month to make sure its shape and condition is maintained.

Sell it

Second hand wedding dresses have become very popular lately, with many brides opting to save a little money. Whatever style of wedding dress you are after, there is bound to be a look out there that will save you some money due to it being second hand. Or, you could give your wedding dress to a charity shop, helping other people plan the perfect wedding.

Bin it

If you generally are not a materialistic person and do not get attached to things, you could simply rid of your wedding dress by throwing it away.

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