Why Choose a Blue Wedding Car

With it being the bride�s mission to stand out a spectacular wedding car is just the thing to do so.

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Why Choose a Blue Wedding Car?

With guests expecting the bride and groom to turn up in the predictable white of black chauffeur car, why not do something different with your wedding?

By choosing an out of the ordinary colour like burgundy or blue you will be sure to surprise your wedding guests, showing that you have not simply followed tradition but have been experimental with your wedding car hire.

With it being the bride�s mission to stand out a spectacular wedding car is just the thing to do so.

It will bring uniqueness to your wedding

When planning a wedding you want your big day to be the topic of conversation for many months to come, feeling satisfied that all the efforts you went to were noticed by your guests.

With everyone expecting a white car, a white dress and a chicken dinner at the reception is your responsibility to shock your guests with personal incorporations, showing them that this is no ordinary wedding.

A versatile colour

As well as needing something blue on the big day a blue car is also a versatile colour, allowing you to blend many different shades into the wedding colour scheme. From bridesmaid dresses to flowers and ribbons and wedding favours, a blue car can be juts what you need to tie your colour pallet together.

It will make for extraordinary photographs

With the wedding day passing by so quickly you want to make sure that your photographs capture all of those incredible moments, allowing you to go make to those memories whenever you pick up the album.

By using your blue car as a prop you can be sure that your images will bring those beautiful memories flooding back. Also, giving your photographer something unconventional to work with will influence creativity, seeing that the photographs produces are pretty spectacular.

If you would like to enquire about a blue wedding car then contact Wedding car hire today. We have a large fleet of stunning colours cars, all perfect for brides and grooms wanting to stand out.

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