Winter vs. Summer Weddings

Are you planning a wedding? Once of the first decisions you'll need to make is what time of year you decide to tie the knot � so let our quick guide help you choose between a winter and a summer wedding.

A summer wedding is the obvious choice for most people. The chance of good weather is higher, and guests are more likely to take time off to travel to weddings in the summer months. With a summer wedding, you can also incorporate more outdoor activities into the plan for your big day, and have a better chance of fine weather for all those wedding photos. All of these factors are what makes summer weddings a far more popular choice than winter weddings, but unfortunately this is reflected in the cost of getting married during the summer months. If you're a bit more flexible, you'll find there are lots of benefits to getting married in the winter months too.

For starters, everything from venues and caterers to entertainment and photographers can be much cheaper during the winter. Think of summer as 'peak time' for weddings � you'll pay a premium for anything wedding-related during June, July and August. Winter weddings can also be a better choice for anyone with a busy social circle � how many of us have found ourselves with more than one wedding invitation on the same weekend during the summer months? Choose a winter wedding and you'll create a key social engagement for your guests to look forward to during the quieter months, instead of competing for guests with other weddings, holidays, festivals and everything else that happens during the busy summer. What's more, a winter wedding can be a really romantic choice � think red and white colour schemes, cosy venues and rosy-cheeked guests enjoying mulled drinks for a real winter wonderland vibe.

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